If you happen to love Disney films and haven’t yet had the pleasure of seeing this amazing video, watch it now!

Let it Go sung as 21 characters!

When 22 year old Brian Hull, a university student from Texas studying vocal performance, decided to enter a competition to win $100 Disney gift card, little did he know the video would rack up over 3 million views in just a few days!

He sings Frozen, already the most successful song from a Disney film in 20 years, in the voices of 21 of most loved Disney and Pixar characters and they are spot on!!

He impersonates characters such as Pumba and Timon from The Lion King, Sebastian form The Little Mermaid, Winnie The Pooh, Lumiere from Beauty and The Beast and of course, Micky Mouse.

Mr Hull told examiner.com – ‘The night before I submitted my video, I was having second thoughts about how good it was, so I posted it to my Facebook, just so I could get honest feedback from my friends. The next thing I know, they shared it over 200 times and now, the video has over a half million views in a day and a half,’

We think this is an amazing rendition of a brilliant song and can not stop watching it! Well done Brian, we think you passed your first big audition!!

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