Nothing says Christmas quite like half-dressed hotties thrusting to a festive number. Cue K-marts new, seasonal advert, ‘Show your Joe’.

Kmart's Jingle Balls

Trending all over Facebook, You Tube and Twitter, this wonderfully seasonal, wonderfully splendid video will have you jingling all the way to Christmas.

Deemed ‘too rauchy’ by many critics, us at Average Janes say bring on the boxers! This controversial marketing is going down pretty damn well with us and has quickly made K-mart a viral hit.

Joe Boxers is a brand of, erm, boxers, but to be quite frank we don’t even care! We will watch this fabulous advert again, and again, and email it to all our girlfriends, then watch it again!

Many, many thanks to K-marts genius advertising team from all us jingle-loving-ladies in the UK. Happy holidays.

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