It’s Christmas! Samsung SUHD TV Christmas Advert


December is finally here – we can officially start getting properly excited about the countdown to Christmas! With all things festive on our mind, we have been getting in the present-buying mood, inspired by the new Christmas advert for Samsung’s SUHD TV – which shows adults reliving their childhood festive excitement whilst unwrapping a brand spanking new telly. We absolutely love it!

Because really, we’re all big kids at heart when it comes to Christmas. Let’s be honest, as the big day draws closer, nothing beats the anticipation of what lies inside that beautifully-wrapped pile of presents, perched tantalising under the tree. Whether you’re hosting Christmas day at your house, or heading to your parents’ home or even to the in-laws, the present pile usually gets a good glance as soon as coats have been shrugged off. We’ve all been there – scrabbling round under the pine needles to see which gifts have our name on them!

The Samsung ad is a stroke of genius, capturing this childlike festive glee. Created by digital marketing specialists The Viral Factory, the hilarious advert for Samsung depicts adults opening up their Samsung SUHD TV on Christmas day, all with different child-like reactions. And of course, TV is such a big part of our Christmas celebrations – from watching a good Christmas movie, to falling asleep in front of some comedy, soap drama or classic re-runs after Christmas dinner.

Get into the Christmas spirit by checking out the wonderful video below:

The genius idea was inspired by popular online videos of kids opening their presents and reacting in a funny, cute and over excited way.

Matt Smith, the Managing Director of The Viral Factory said they hoped to re-ignite the excitement around getting a brand new TV. We know us Janes would be over the moon to receive such a great prezzie!

The short film was shot in London and included a cast from all over the world. The present-openers were picked for their ability to deliver a child-like reaction and they couldn’t have chosen a better bunch. Our personal favourite is the first present-unwrapper. We have many memories of reacting like this whilst unwrapping a present as a child at 5am on Christmas morning!

We won’t give any more away about the advert, but have a watch and decide which reaction you like best.

Head over to Samsung’s website to take a look at their range of SUHD TV’s.

This post was kindly sponsored by Samsung.