Sponsored video: IKEA says “Let’s relax”


Life can be demanding at the best of times, so why not switch off from the world and appreciate uninterrupted fun with your loved ones. This is exactly what IKEA’s new film campaign, “Let’s relax”, is urging viewers to do: say “goodbye” to stress and “hello” to the joy of being at home!

Getting home from a long day in the office should be a rewarding experience. Finally you get to kick back, relax and truly be yourself. But us Janes are social butterflies, and that means we’re social around the clock. Whether it’s updating our Facebook pages with our latest holiday snaps or tweeting a friend about an amazing new pub we’ve recently discovered, we’re always on the go!

Whilst socialising is great, it brings with it constant expectations and comparison, and that can be pretty stressful. This is particularly true in the kitchen when we’ve slaved away creating a culinary masterpiece and then proceeded to spend a good ten minutes afterwards taking the perfect picture of it for Instagram.

But, why do we do it? Well, we live in a world of TV programs and cookbooks constantly raising the bar. Wherever we look, images of perfection spring up in front of our eyes, but there’s one key point to remember: we’re only human. Everyone ‘cheats’ in the kitchen and we all do what we can to make our lives run smoothly.

The wonderful guys over at IKEA understand and appreciate this, which is why they created their ingenious video “Let’s relax” to start a conversation about the expectations that make our lives so unnecessarily demanding. It’s time to say “hello” to what makes you happy, and “goodbye” to needless complications!

So sit back, relax and watch IKEA’s brilliant video here:

This post was kindly sponsored by Ikea.