It’s back! Our favourite TV guilty pleasure is returning for a third series on 7 March, and has been bumped-up to a primetime Friday night slot on Channel 4.

Gogglebox Returns

Gogglebox – the show which films ordinary people watching ordinary TV programmes – has gained a cult following, and an accompanying weekly Twitter frenzy. Even those who initially scorned the concept (“What’s next – filming you watching a programme about people watching programmes?” Yes, we’ve all heard those comments!) became avidly hooked devotees after a couple of episodes.

Inspired by the Royle Family series, the show records the reactions of families and couples from sofas across Britain as they watch familiar shows throughout the week.


We’ve fallen for the 12 families featured in the programme. From posh, constantly tipsy couple Steph and Dom, with their impressively well-stocked drinks cabinet, to the infectious laughter of Brixton friends Sandy and Sandra, and the hilariously catty comments from Brighton boys Chris and Stephen, we can’t wait to hear their latest views on TVs recent hits in series 3.


Whether it’s mocking pompous politicians on news reports, outrage at soap storylines, or singing along to the X Factor theme tune (let’s be honest, we’ve all been there), we’re a bit addicted to seeing how each family reacts, especially to shows that we watch ourselves.

The first episode will feature the families watching The Oscars, Saturday Night Takeaway and The Voice. Who knows what they will make of them, but two things we know for sure –stroppy teen Louis will certainly get embarrassed by his Dad, and Leon will definitely be asking June for a cracker! We can’t wait!

Tune in from 7 March, 9pm on Channel 4.

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