Chanel No.5. Gisele. Baz Luhrmann. A match made in heaven for the new campaign.

Gisele Bundchen for Chanel No.5

The Chanel no. 5 ads have always been driven by fashion, passion, allure and romance, remember the incredible Nicole Kidman version? And the latest version does just that, but is also underpinned by the life of today’s real woman.

Luhrmann’s film see Gisele’s character trying to balance her work, life, love (albeit in an incredibly decadent manner!) and it is set to a hauntingly sexy version of Grease’s ‘The One That I Want’ that has been reimagined by musician Lo-Fang.

With a nod to represent the balancing act we all undergo on a day-to-day basis., the film is still true to Lurhmann’s eccentric signature, his amazing attention to detail, emotive style and beautiful shots bring this film to life.

Luhrmann revealed:
“Gisele has a can-do attitude and an incredible positive energy…Obviously she’s a mother but that isn’t her daughter in the film, yet you really believe the relationship she creates with that child. The Chanel team immediately embraced the idea of the child in the story – fragrance ads are so often about something unattainable, but this grounds it.”

“It’s the spirit of Coco Chanel that has continued to influence the house. She’s about paradoxes in character – one minute she’s be in trousers on the beach, the next she’d be in a beautiful frock,” Luhrmann said. “That’s what I love most about Chanel – it comes from an actual person and the things that she felt and that were real to her. She really changed fashion.”

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