We have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Calvin Harris’ new music video since June when it was revealed Gigi Hadid would be taking on a starring role. The catchy song ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ debuted on Tidal last week and now the accompanying video has been released online. It is safe to say we have a huge girl crush on the leading lady!

Gigi Hadid stars in Calvin Harris' new music video!

The video has got it all: a club, a yacht, dolphins, 300 different shots of Gigi swishing her perfect hair around #hairgoals. Whilst we aren’t entirely sure what is going on, we think it starts out with Gigi waking up in an operating room, obviously very confused and then she heads out searching for answers as she wanders through different scenarios. It ends at a bonfire party on the beach, with Gigi looking pretty happy with herself, so we assume she has resolved her problems.

How Deep Is Your Love has gained a lot of positive feedback from fans, one Youtube user said it is “the best song Calvin has made” and didn’t forget to mention Gigi, by adding, “and the woman in the video is so freaking hot” we couldn’t have put it better ourselves. It debuted at No. 7 on the U.K. Singles charts, and we are sure it will reach the number one spot.

Calvin, who started dating Taylor Swift this past April, promoted the new video on his Twitter and Instagram this week. He captioned a shot of Hadid saying, “How Deep Is Your Love video is now EVERYWHERE starring @gigihadid directed by @emilnava it’s a beast.”

If anyone knows the brand of red lipstick Gigi is wearing at around 2:15, let us know, because it’s perfect.

Watch Gigi in action here:

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