Here at Janes, we love a good ad campaign and the latest offering from Disney will almost certainly put a smile on your face!

Disney Side Ad Campaign goes viral!

The premise of the campaign is actually rather simple; it was a hidden camera stunt where unsuspecting members of the public walked past a shop, only for their reflection to be mirrored by some of our favourite Disney characters.


One of the best parts is when Mickey Mouse gets tested to a dance off by a man who has some crazy good dance moves…the result will make your day!

Towards the end of the video, all of the Disney characters come out from behind the mirror wall and greet the crowd. Lots of children (and adults) run to the characters with beaming smiles and hug their favourites, not forgetting to get a pose in a picture with them.


Released on the 17th February, the campaign has gone viral, YouTube the views are at 1,666,849.

Disney have created a hashtag on Twitter for the campaign, #DisneySide where fans have discussed how much they love the video.

The viral campaign is already a massive success for Disney and has certainly put a smile on all of our faces here at Janes!

Check out the Disney Side video below:

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