As big wine lovers here at Janes, we are always up for trying out new types and flavours. We’d like to think we know our fair share about what’s out there, but sometimes choosing a new wine can be a bit of a daunting process with the massive range on offer.

Coolest wine bottle labels

One big draw for us, is the wine bottle label. We know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but let’s face it, it’s the first thing we see! So, with this in mind, we have been on the hunt for some of the coolest wine bottle labels, take a look at a selection of our favourites:

Modern House Wines

The bottle of wine that skips the small talk and punctuates your gift, your gesture, or your party. Our personal favourites are ‘Expensive’ and ‘Help is Here’, two phrases we are most likely to associate with our after-work drinks.


Carl Wine

When we stumbled across this design, we fell in love with it immediately. The different moustaches convey diverse tastes and quality. We assume that that the handlebar moustache is a fancy wine indeed!


The Tentacle/The Argonaut

What could look cooler than a design that wraps around the entire wine bottle? The stunning execution on the bottle of white wine means that if you look through the bottle, you can see the tentacles on the other side. Design at it’s finest.


Equilibrium Estate

Designed by Gemma Warriner, the idea behind this wine bottle was to convey Equilibrium Estate’s ethics and morals as a sustainable, carbon neutral producer of Australian wine. The particular design below represents rising sea levels as a direct effect of climate change.


Made In Milan Wine

When you’re stuck for cool design ideas, why not put famous and infamous Italians on your wine bottles? That’s exactly what Northern Italian producers of wine, Made In Milan did and the finished product looks great.

Cava Blossom Brut

This award-winning design by PACKLAB in Helsinki has won over our hearts too. Doubling up as two gifts in one, turn the bottom upside down and present your loved one with a bunch of flowers- what more could they ask for!


Easy Choice Winery

Recommending a wine to a friend is not always easy, especially when you’ve forgotten the name of it and what the label looks like. The guys over at Realist Branding have nipped that one in the bud by creating these fantastic quirky to-the-point wine labels.


So there you have it, some of our favourite wine bottle labels, what’s yours? Tweet us a pic! @tweetjanes

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