The glamour-fest that is the 12 day Festival De Cannes came to an end this week in all it’s red carpet glory. We were enthralled all 12 days watching avidly who walked the red carpet, wearing who, with who and for what!

Candid Cannes Film Festival

It is the epitome of Hollywood glamour, a slightly more serious celebration of film than the Oscars we feel, and with that comes the creme de la creme of the A-list, all promoting their latest offerings whether it be in the directors chair or in front of the camera, everyone on the Hollywood payroll has a pose. From photocalls in front of an postcard backdrop, yacht parties to towering heels walking an incredibly long red carpet, it’s amazing.

But what about the moments that aren’t rehearsed? The moments that the stars aren’t ‘prepped’ for, the moments that we probably love the most. We have rounded up some of our absolute favourite moments from the Festival and we just HAD to share the glamour with you…ahhhh
…one day they’ll invite us!



Images courtesy of Grazia

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