A video of Britney Spears singing Alien without auto-tune has gone viral online. Take a listen for yourself below, but be warned: it’s painful on the ears…

Britney Spears without autotune!

The embarrassing recording is uncomfortable to listen to, throughout the abysmal version of Alien, a track from her 2013 album Britney Jean, the singer fails to hit around 90% of the notes.

William Orbit, the producer behind Alien, has defended the pop princess by stating she was merely warming up. On his Facebook page he wrote: ‘I’d like to affirm that ANY singer when first at the mic at the start of a long session can make a multitude of vocalisations in order to get warmed up.’

We’re sorry Brit, but even we sound better than this when belting one out in the shower. Maybe the 32-year-old should wave goodbye to the music industry, or just never be allowed to sing without auto-tune, even when she is just ‘warming up’.

Spears has yet to comment on the leak, but we’re sure she won’t be happy about it!

Check out the auto-tuned version of Alien below, how it should have sounded!

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