Ever since he was young child, Bosnian sculptor Jasenko Đorđević had a fascination for miniatures. He was obsessed with making the smallest possible objects, including an origami boat that was just 1.7mm x 0.7mm. As an adult, his passion for creating miniscule art grew, but he swapped mediums from paper to graphite and began carving incredibly intricate sculptures out of pencils.

Turning Tools into Art: Pencil Sculptures

Đorđević uses an X-acto knife and a tiny chisel to carve his sculptures into pencils and pencil tips. He has to keep an extremely steady hand when working because pencil lead can easily break, as we learned many times at school when we sharpened our pencils too much!

On the process, Đorđević said: “One has to be very careful when working with black lead, as the smallest lack of attention can lead to its cracking. You do not have a chance to make a mistake as you cannot compensate for what you have removed.”

For his work, Đorđević has won two awards, for sculpture and Grand Prix at the international miniature exhibition called “7th biennale of miniature art BiH”. He says his inspiration stems from the work of Dalton Ghetti, who also carves into pencil tips.

So far, Đorđević has created many intricate sculptures, including a train, a camera and even a Russian doll from pencil tips.

Check out some of his impressive work here:








Take a look at his website, to see more of his incredible work.

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