10 Best Ways to Burn Calories In An Hour


With the days heating up, everyone seems to be hitting the gym hard in a last ditch attempt to get a beach body before summer arrives. We say this, because that’s exactly what we’re doing. But developing a last-minute exercise routine isn’t easy, you’ve got to buy suitable sportswear, find an activity you enjoy and figure out how much of it will have enough impact to make a difference to your health. Don’t worry though, because we’ve found something that’ll help you out!

Drawing on research published by the National Institutes of Health, The Mayo Clinic has collated a list of 10 popular forms of exercise by their calorific impacts. We have taken their handy data and turned it into the 10 best ways you can burn calories in an hour.

This list is based on a person with a weight of 200 pounds, which is around 14 stone. So treat it as rough guide, and a handy indication as to which types of sport help you burn the most calories.

WARNING: If you want to lose weight via exercise you’ll also have to rejig your diet first. One quick way to do this is by cutting your sugar intake. Once you have a diet plan sorted, it’s time to get exercising and burning those calories…


10. Squash| 637 calories/hour

Kicking off with squash, a great activity for you to do with a friend to lose weight!

9. High-impact aerobics | 664 calories/hour

8. Rollerblading | 683 calories/hour

7. Tennis, singles | 728 calories/hour or a game of basketball | 728 calories/hour

6. Running 5 mph | 755 calories/hour

5. Running up stairs | 819 calories/hour

4. Vigorous swimming | 892 calories/hour

3. Taekwondo | 937 calories/hour

2. Football | 937 calories/hour

1. Running, 8 mph | 1,074 calories/hour or Jump rope | 1,074 calories/hour

In at number one is running or if you can’t stand that, using a jump rope for an hour. So we better get out our trainers and run off those calories in time for summer!


So there you have it! 10 of the best ways to burn calories in an hour. What activity do you enjoy doing to lose weight? Let us know! @tweetjanes