He gave us a rush in the F1 movie inspired by the rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda, and this month we’ll be seeing him reprise his role as the swarthy, muscle-bound God of Thunder in Thor: The Dark World. You don’t get much more manly than Chris Hemsworth.

Thor-some Chris Hemsworth

Having wooed us a little further this year with his cut-glass British accent as hot-blooded, charismatic F1 driver James Hunt in Rush (no, we hadn’t thought it was possible to find him any more attractive either), Hemsworth returns to our screens this week in Thor: The Dark World.


With his piercing blue eyes, tousled locks and muscular physique, you’d be forgiven for thinking Hemsworth has always played the role of avenging heroes and dashing princes. But his acting career started out on the much tamer Home and Away, in his homeland Australia.

Born in Melbourne, Hemsworth is the middle-child of a trio of actor siblings. His brother Liam (also famous for being Miley Cyrus’ ex-fiancé) stars as Gale in the Hunger Games movies, and eldest Luke played Nathan Tyson in Neighbours.

After quitting Home and Away in 2007, Hemsworth got his Hollywood break in Star Trek (2009), before landing the lead role as Thor in Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film of the same name – instantly capturing our imaginations with his rough-and-ready portrayal of the mythical outcast prince of Asgard.

2012 saw a slew of Hemsworth films – from Snow White and the Huntsman, to chilling thriller The Cabin in the Woods, and a reprise of his Thor role in Avengers Assemble. It was also the year that saw the birth of his daughter, India Rose, with wife Elsa Pataky, whom he married in 2010.

Thor: The Dark World will be the third time Hemsworth has played the role in the last two years (which he picks up again for The Avengers: Age of Ultron, due 2015). Directed by Games of Thrones’ Alan Taylor, the film promises to be darker than its predecessor (Thor, 2011). Hemsworth has described how he was initially reluctant to take off his shirt in the first few scenes, questioning his character’s motivation. We’re happy to report that he was persuaded, and we can’t wait to see him in action.

Just the trailer of that rippling physique has been enough to set our hearts beating a little bit faster, so we thought we’d share a few reminders whilst we eagerly anticipate the film’s release on 30th October.

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