Ruling over us: the Reign cast

Reign cast - the gents

We might be a bit late to the Elizabethan feast here, but we’d like to give a thoroughly royal welcome to the men of the Reign cast. How this series has passed us by so far, we’re not quite sure, because these gents are hoooott.

Reign loosely tells the story of Mary Queen of Scots, kicking off with her and her handmaids (all of whom are stunning, natch…) heading to the decadent court of Henry II, King of France. Mary is headed there because she’s betrothed to the Dauphin of France (we’ll get on to him in a sec…).

Frankly, the plot is mere details, because OH MY GOSH, the men. Forget your BBC dramas (as much as we do love those), there’s little historical accuracy here. This is costume drama purely as an excuse for sexual intrigues, close encounters in dark corridors and a tonne of flirting. Delicious.

Courtly splendour: the Reign cast

So, without further fanfare, here are the reigning champions of the court. You are so welcome.

Frances – Toby Regbo

Played by British actor Tony Regbo, The Dauphin – that’s Prince to you and me – is Mary’s betrothed. He’s a tad reluctant to marry though and has a rep as a bit of a womanizer. Cue lots of shots in half-undone shirts sweeping back his tousled, golden locks. We wouldn’t mind running our hands through that hair. However, overall we find him a little bit wet compared to his brooding half-brother Sebastian…

Sebastian – Torrance Coombs

Sebastian – played by Canadian Torrance Coombs – is the illegitimate son of King Henry and his mistress. Think Jon Snow, but in 16th Century France. He’s no stranger to period drama, having played Thomas Culpeper in steamy historical series, The Tudors.

He’s got that combo of tall, dark and handsome and strangely piercing blue eyes, which we can’t quite decide if it makes him devastatingly attractive or a bit scary. Despite a tendency to go creeping off into the woods, his instant hunter-gatherer protectiveness over Mary had us swooning from the start.

King Henry II – Alan van Sprang

Another previous cast member of The Tudors, we wouldn’t mind getting a royal pardon from Canadian actor Alan van Sprang. Broad-shouldered and masterful as King Henry II, we certainly wouldn’t be getting on his bad side!

Want to tune in? Reign is currently showing on Netflix.

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