It feels like the last year or so we have not been able to turn for seeing Pharrell’s beautiful face or listen to the radio without hearing “Get Lucky” or “Happy” every five minutes, but hey, we ain’t mad! An already successful producer and performer has now been propelled to mega stardom and he shows no signs of slowing down. Here we list the ten reasons we love Pharrell (although there are so many more).

The rise and rise of Pharrell

1. Pharrell Williams has reached that kind of status that a surname is simply not necessary, just Pharrell will do

2. He is 41 years old! We need to find out his secrets to youthfulness pretty damn quickly…

3. He loves women. He named his second solo album G I R L as a celebration of women. He also claimed in a recent interview that women run the world and they are responsible for keeping the human species going, c’mon Pharrell, tell us something we don’t know!

4. That Oprah interview, we love a man who isn’t afraid to cry

5. Even though he is mega famous, he still seems so down to earth. He is one of those celebrities that use his status for good not evil and his twitter timeline is filled with genuine thanks for various awards he has received and promoting charities and campaigns that are important to him

6. His music is pretty great, his has received seven Grammys including two with The Neptunes and worked with some of the biggest stars on the planet to create some of the biggest songs and albums, including “Get Lucky” with Daft Punk which has sold more than 9.3 million copies and the controversial “Blurred Lines” with Robin Thicke and T.I. which was number one in over 13 countries

7. Pharrell released the first ever 24-hour music video for his single “Happy” and got a bunch of music pals to star in it, including Steve Carell and Jamie Foxx. This sparked a mass of online “Happy” videos from around the world, enjoying his music. A beautiful moment

8. He is the latest man to star in a special edition of Elle UK and he looks mighty fine in the process

9. He knows how to make a fashion statement. Love it or hate it, the hat had you all talking

10. Did we mention he’s 41 YEARS OLD!

Whatever Pharrell has in store next, we can be sure that he will be effortlessly cool in the process and wearing impeccable headwear!



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