With new Marvel franchise, Guardians of the Galaxy dominating the big screen this Summer, it’s main man, all dancing and singing, Chris Pratt, is stealing our hearts!

Quill Thrill: Chris Pratt

At first we weren’t so keen as we mostly recognised him for being the mean fiancé in Bride Wars (for which he was later dumped at the altar!) and so we had reservations about how much we would be able to ‘up’ his hot-o-meter (a woman scorned and all that jazz)…

However, we’re pleased to say the funny man won us over with his cheeky, loveable, dancing character, Peter Quill.

He has also had a number of Hollywood roles, you may recognise him from Moneyball, Zero Dark Thirty, Her or Delivery Man, but we reckon being cast as Marvels next big thing will catapult him into new Hollywood highs! And he gets to star opposite the rather incredible Zoe Saldana which we’re pretty sure he doesn’t mind!

Having said that he is married to Anna Faris, they met on the set of Take Me Home Tonight and they have a son together. And judging by the ‘pap’ pictures we see of them together, we reckon they have a right ol’laugh!

We hate to say it, but he probably beeped our radar more so this year as he totally buffed up for his role as Peter Quill and in turn we saw many a half naked selfie pass our eyes socially, and considering he lost a notable amount of weight for the role, we salute you Chris! (…and your abs.)


Set to lead in the new Jurassic park film, Jurassic World, due for release in 2015, we’re seriously looking forward to seeing of Mr Pratt.

Jurassic World

It was however his ultra cheeky, loveable, 80’s tune loving character that won it for us so we thought we would share the love!

Play this whilst looking at Chris Pratt to get you in the mood…enjoy.





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