Peaky Blinders: The Men

Peaky Blinders The Men

The long-awaited third season of the hugely popular series Peaky Blinders is airing this Thursday 5 May. If you haven’t watched the first two seasons, you might have time to catch up before it starts!

Peaky Blinders is based around the Shelby family, a gangster clan living in 1919 Birmingham, England. We’ve taken the time to run you through the men of the show. Well, it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it…

The Men of Peaky Blinders

First up…


Tommy Selby – played by Cillian Murphy – is the brains (and the beauty) behind the infamous gang.  When the show begins he is a returning war hero with his fair share of emotional baggage. He is the most ambitious guy of the group and has big plans for his family’s future. Cillian does an amazing job of making the Brummie accent sound so good – and don’t even get us started on those cheekbones! We simply can’t wait to see his face back on our screens again.

Cillian Murphy Peaky Blinders


Joe Cole plays the third youngest Shelby boy, actively involved in the gang’s activities. He lost his wife during the war and was left to raise his four children on his own. He is the loyal heart of the Shelby boys, although he may not have the brains to take over the family business.

Joe Cole Peaky Blinders


The oldest of the Shelby men, Arthur is more brawn than brains. He often tries to assert his authority as the head of the household, but usually to dire effect. Arthur is also troubled with post-war trauma and takes out his aggression through boxing.

Paul Anderson Peaky Blinders


Tom Hardy appeared in Season 2 of the show, playing the Jewish gangster, Alfie Solomons. The scenes between Tom and Cillian are just brilliant. Having worked together on films before they have a great chemistry together which is unpredictable to watch.

Tom Hardy Peaky Blinders


Michael appears in Season 2 as Aunt Polly’s long-lost son. Finn is the real-life brother of Joe Cole, who plays John Shelby in the show. The newest member of the family is keen to prove himself as a valuable member of the Shelby operation.

Finn Cole Peaky Blinders

Catch Peaky Blinders Season 3 this Thursday, BBC 2 at 9pm.

That’s our tour of the Peaky Blinders men!

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