Muscles of the Moment: The Body Coach

The Body Coach SSS plan

It is difficult not to be motivated and inspired by Joe Wicks’ infectious energy for working out and getting lean. Going by the name The Body Coach, Joe has over a million Instagram followers, and tens of thousands of people have seen results on his 90-day shift, shape and sustain (SSS) plan. He has gone from your ‘average Joe’ personal trainer, to one of the most popular Fit-stagrammers in the world. Here at Average Janes, we’ve been taking a look at his theories and results.

Joe is a huge advocate of throwing away the scales and focusing on progress pictures to monitor your body transformation. The client testimonials and before-and-after pictures of his 90-day SSS programme are quite astounding.

The Body Coach: Lean In

I’ve not signed up to his 90-day SSS plan, but I have bought his second recipe book and made several ‘Lean in 15’ meals. You can eat a lot on his nutritional plan, including complex carbohydrates, unsaturated fats and protein-rich foods, eaten at certain times of the day.

Lean in 15 Body Coach

The 15-second online videos see Joe haphazardly construct the ‘Lean in 15’ meals, and his cheeky-chappy tutorials make you believe that these meals really can be made in 15-minutes. His cookbooks also educate you about the types of food that should be eaten at certain times of the day.

It is quite easy to adapt the recipes, once you know what macro- and micro-nutrients to combine to give you energy, build muscle and burn fat. Take a look at my breakfast burrito inspired by The Body Coach, which I made after my Saturday morning Parkrun this weekend yum!

Body Coach healthy eating

High Intensity exercise sessions

Joe combines his nutritional plan with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions. His online fitness videos are short and sweet, making you realise that a series of simple exercises performed for 30 seconds, with rest in between, is doable. Joe’s HIIT sessions do really last only 20-30 minutes, which includes a suitable warm up and cool down period. The exercises build up a sweat and target all the muscles in the body.

The Body Coach Joe Wicks

If Joe’s daily posts on Instagram and Snapchat, plus the hundreds of recipes in his two ‘Lean in 15’ books are not enough, apparently he has also signed a 4-book publishing deal and a TV show is in the pipeline! That right there is a personal trainer who is onto a good thing.

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