We know, we know You have been thinking about this for years – movies or music: which has the hottest guys? Well, finally we are going to make a decision. It seems fitting to tie this in with the release of the latest James Bond movie, SPECTRE, starring the lovely Daniel Craig.

Movies or Music: which guys are hottest?

Fighting for the film corner

Daniel Craig
We were always going to choose a photo of him as Bond. For an (ahem) older gentleman he has most definitely still got it. This choice does divide opinions though, but come on, look at that polo neck.

Channing Tatum
Looking at photos of this guy doesn’t get old. The only reason he has his clothes on in these pictures is because we want you to carry on reading the rest of the post…

Ryan Gosling
We fell in love with him in The Notebook and since then our love has only grown. Did you know he actually turned down the “sexiest man alive” award because he is too shy? This only makes you sexier, Ryan. Good work.

Joseph Gordon Levitt
Underrated on a lot of hot guy polls, this cheeky chappy is someone we would take home to meet the parents. Our favourite film of his has got to be Inception and we will quickly brush over his dodgy French accent in his latest film, The Walk.

And our contenders in the Music corner

Jared Leto
Seriously, it took a long time to find a picture of him not looking like a bad Jesus. But we did it, just. Those blue eyes and his music career-come-actor has make us realise that he is super talented as well as pretty.

Pharrell Williams
Like with Jared, it took us a long time to find a photo of Pharrell without him looking like Stinky Pete from Toy Story (like, wtf is that hat?). He oozes sex appeal and we love his music too.

Matt Corby
You might recognise this beauty from our article. Returning from a two-year hiatus, Matt makes us love him with his soulful voice and perfectly coiffed beard.

James Blake
Just look at that face! We want to squish his cheeks and give him a good home-cooked roast dinner. Baby-faced James is releasing his third album soon and will be on the music scene for a while yet.

So there we have it. We (sadly) can’t feature every hot guy out there, so if you think we have missed any, let us know @tweetjanes.

Until then, just keep scrolling up and down on this page…!

Tickled your fancy?



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