From Westeros to a Disney fairytale, Richard Madden is our Prince Charming! Best known for playing Robb Stark in HBO’s Game of Thrones, Madden is now taking on an entirely new role, playing Prince Charming in Disney’s restyle of Cinderella.

Mad for Richard Madden

The live-action remake is said to be a modern take on the centuries old fairytale, taking the story in a slightly different direction without sacrificing its traditional roots.

The role of Prince Charming was given to the gorgeous Madden, making Robb Stark fans extremely happy. He did however have to lose his sexy stubble to embrace the stereotypical clean-shaven Prince look. Have a listen to Madden chatting about his role in Cinderella here…


Recently, Vanity Fair interviewed Madden and co-star Lily James, who is playing Cinderella. They asked him to choose between a direwolf and a fairy godmother. Without a second thought he chose direwolf saying: “It’s a massive, giant bear wolf, why wouldn’t I want that?” He has a point, although we think being able to wish for whatever you wanted might slightly trump the direwolf.

Besides watching Madden on our screens, we also follow his Twitter page, @_richardmadden. He’s very funny and regularly tweets so many truths…

Sadly we will not be seeing Madden in Game of Thrones anymore. But if you fancy having a GoT marathon, you can catch the sexy Scot as a main character in the first three seasons. The upside is that the extremely handsome Jon Snow, Robb Stark’s half brother, will be back on our screens for series five, set to air April 13.

Catch Madden in Cinderella, which will be released in the UK on March 27. He will also be starring in a short film Group B and an upcoming American action film entitled Bastille Day, alongside Idris Elba, set for release later this year. So keep your eyes peeled!

While we wait for Cinderella to arrive in our cinemas, join us in swooning over Prince Charming…


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