The World Cup is now underway and here at Janes we are already enjoying watching buff men run around playing football! With England’s first game coming up on Saturday we’ve checked out the talent on the squad, and ladies, there’s a handful of hotties to look out for…

England World Cup Squad: The Talent

Age: 27
Position: Goalkeeper
Current Club: Manchester City

He’s our number one goalie, the blonde hair and green eyes are such a winning combination, who knows maybe his good looks will help him save all the goals for us in Brazil!

Age: 26
Position: Attacking Midfielder
Current Club: Southampton

Apparently Liverpool are expected to bid in the region of £20 million for him due to his impressive season…it seems we aren’t the only ones eager to get our hands on him! Lallana is an attractive man with facial hair, he’s the dream.

Age: 18
Position: Left back
Current Club: Southampton
Twitter: @LukeShaw3

He’s the youngest member on the England Squad, but don’t let that put you off. We are sure his adorable baby face could woo any wannabe WAG! He replaced Ashley Cole (another England hottie) on the team, but England manager Roy Hodgson says he has high hopes for him!

Age: 29
Position: Right back
Current Club: Liverpool
Twitter: @glen_johnson

Being named after former England midfielder Glenn Hoddle, you could say Johnson was pretty much born to play for the squad! He tops our talent list because with or without facial hair he’ll always make us swoon.

Age: 35
Position: Midfielder
Current Club: Chelsea

He might be one of the oldest on the squad, but he’ll never lose that sexy charm! Hopefully Lampard will be graced with a little more luck during this year’s World Cup and we won’t have to scream at our TV’s about any ‘ghost goals’…

Age: 22
Position: Midfielder
Current Club: Arsenal
Twitter: @JackWilshire

Recovering from a broken foot, England fans are a little worried about Wilshire, but we have our fingers crossed for him! He’s another baby face in the squad, yet much like Shaw, we’d be very happy to be his WAG.

Age: 28
Position: Centre Back
Current Club: Chelsea
Twitter: @GaryJCahill

After a long, hard think, we’ve decided our favourite Cahill feature is his ridiculously perfect set of teeth. His latest Twitter update shows a picture of him with some flashy new footie boots, we hope they will help score us some goals in Brazil!
gary-cahill 2

Age: 33
Position: Midfielder
Current Club: Liverpool

Last but by all means not least, we couldn’t leave Gerrard out of the talent, plus this will probably be the last time we see him playing for England in the World Cup! Not to fear though ladies, we have high hopes for our team here at Janes, so hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot of him!

Who is your World Cup hottie? Let us know @tweetjanes

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