Drop Deadpool Gorgeous: Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds film promotion

Over the last few years we’ve seen Ryan Reynolds go from comedy joker to clean-cut hunk. Once the butt of every joke (yes, Van Wilder Party Liaison, we’re looking at you), he’s now rarely seen on the red carpet without a sharply tailored suit and has been picking roles that show his comic timing is part of a wider range of genuine acting skill.

Now we’re seeing him reach critical acclaim with Deadpool, after an ongoing campaign with Marvel fans to bring the X-Men anti-hero to film screens. So we thought it was high time we gave Mr Reynolds a bit of Average Janes’ appreciation.

Born in Canada, Ry-Re (as the kids are apparently calling him…) kicked off his career on Canadian soap Hillside. He came to wider notice from the mid-90s, when he was cast in popular US series Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place. From there, we’ve seen him repeatedly taking on the role of lovable buffoon – from never-ending party student Van Wilder, to Sandra Bullock’s downtrodden PA in rom com flick The Proposal.

Ryan Reynolds: R-rated

Ryan Reynolds has definitely got grittier (and dirtier) in latest film release Deadpool. The R-rated comic book movie takes an irreverent, dick-joke-filled and gruesomely violent approach to the sweary anti-hero of the X-Men crew. Reynolds looks incredibly buff and athletic in his tight Deadpool suit – he’s revealed in film promotion interviews that he spent six months in the gym training before the movie and it’s certainly paid off.

As if all that wasn’t enough, he’s witty on Twitter and married to the equally gorgeous Blake Lively (plus they have a daughter together), jealous much?!

Still, it doesn’t hurt a Jane to dream, so we’ll leave you with some images to lust over at your leisure – enjoy!

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