Leonardo Dicaprio. As the year unfolds with him dominating awards season with his incredibly dramatic role in The Wolf of Wall Street, we take a look back over an incredible career and remember exactly why it was he fell into our hearts.

Dicaprio Dances with a Wolf

Few actors in the world have managed a career as diverse as Dicaprio’s. Over the years he has portrayed an incredibly high level of dramatic versitility in his carefully chosen roles, working with the likes of Scorsese, Speilberg and Ridley Scott.

From his humble beginnings being cast in TV bit parts and his breakout film role as a mentally-challenged teenager in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Dicaprio has seemlessly woven his way into the short list of true Hollywood greats. Films such as Titanic, Catch Me If You Can, Inception, Django Unchained, The Great Gatsby and most recently, The Wolf of Wall Steet (just to name a few!) have proven his incredible talent for depicting huge emotion, drama and versatility.

The real upswing in his career began in 1996 with his (dreamy!) portrayal of Romeo in Baz Lurhman’s Romeo & Juliet. However, it was his casting as Jack Dawson in record-breaking Titanic in 1997 that really threw him into A-List status, becoming the beacon heartthrob of an entire generation.


The majority of his work has been collaborations with high profile directors such as Speilberg and Scorsese, and the films that came out of these partnerships were notable and award-worthy, his latest Golden Globe a testament to their combined talents.

Dicaprio continues to leave us in awe time after time and we don’t think he’ll be stopping anytime soon!

But in our case, it will always be Jack Dawson that stole our heart…

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