Now first off, we’re all for being feisty and independent! We for one hold it very dear! However a little bit of old-fashioned love never goes a miss! In a world where social sexting, booty calls and infidelity seem to be common place, and the grass is always greener, it’s easy to become tired and weary of the modern dating scene. We cautiously venture into commitment, fearing the worst, fearing that it’s all too difficult in todays social society to find a true diamond in the rough.

Chivalrous habits that make him a gentleman

Fear not ladies. There are some true gentlemen still roaming our worlds, they’re just a little harder to find. They show themselves in the small, genuinely romantic, gestures they make, proving that chivalry isn’t dead…

1.Opening doors

An oldie but a goodie. Opening doors is the classics sign of chivalry, when a man opens a car/restaurant/cinema or any door, allowing you in first while they wait in the cold, it shows care and respect in our book. And when they hold doors open for others, it makes it just that little bit sweeter. Appreciate it ladies.

2.Spending time with your family

When they show an interest in your family, have a joke with your dad, compliment your mum and make an effort to entertain your nan ta family events, they’re in it for the long haul. At the end of the day, if your family love them, it makes you love them more.

3.Filling up your petrol tank

We are all more than capable of filling up our own petrol tanks. Obviously. But when they get out of your car, fill up your petrol tank and go in and pay, allowing us to stay in the warm, it makes us smile. Big time.

4.Giving flowers

Not necessarily the showy, hand-tie ones sent to your work! But the supermarket ones they picked up on their way home from work, just because they were thinking about you.

5.Kissing your forehead

Ok, this may not apply to those brand new, sex on the move, relationships! But when your in a long term relationship and your loved one does this, it makes you feel cared for and adored in a deeper way than the slap and tickle ever could.

These are our favourites but also look out for the other subtle gestures like pulling out your chair, carrying your bags or giving you their jacket!

So look out for the small gestures ladies, look out for the diamonds in the rough. They always twinkle a little bit brighter than the other rocks…

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