He’s charming, he’s sophisticated, and he turns up to parties with a tub of ice cream and a knowing smile – Bradley Cooper, what more could a Jane ask for?

Hung up on  Bradley Cooper

Currently reprising his role as Phil in Hangover 3, we’re lucky enough to be getting a double scoop of the Coop, who is also starring in a new House of Haagen Dazs campaign released in the UK this month. The sexy, playful ad features a suavely-dressed Bradley turning up to an elegant party with a tub of ice cream in hand (seriously, who wouldn’t date this guy?), rapidly attracting the eye of stunning model Jana Perez. But Jana is a Jane after our own heart– after leading Bradley off into a private room (spoiler alert), she reveals that it’s the ice cream she’s got her eye on after all. (Arguably she could have combined the two, but we’re probably just getting carried away now…)


Nominated for an Oscar for earlier this year, we’re eager to see what’s next for Bradley, who will be playing a federal agent in American Hustle, and a dashing timber magnate in depression-era movie Serena (both due out later in 2013). And he’s not just good looks and hot adverts – earlier this week Bradley was a spokesperson at the US White House conference on mental health, drawing on his role as bipolar character Pat in award-winning Silver Linings Playbook.

So until you can get your next ice cream fix, here’s a bit of Bradley for you to indulge in.

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