We love the 2015 ruggedly handsome trend here at Janes and we reckon Aiden Turner fits the bill perfectly!

Aidan Turner Poldark and handsome

Best known for playing our favourite dwarf, Kíli, in the three-part fantasy film The Hobbit, we’ve had our eyes on Aiden Turner ever since he descended upon Middle Earth.

Now, Turner continues to make us swoon in his role as Captain Ross Poldark for the BBC. The show, set in the late 18th century, is based around the title character Ross Poldark, who has returned home after spending three years in the army to avoid charges of smuggling.


It is currently eight episodes into the first series, so it would be easy to catch up on and worth every second watching Aidan Turner being sexy and chivalrous. His ‘Poldark and handsome’ features are surely responsible for the soaring viewing figures.

Aiden himself has admitted to using baby oil to highlight his well-honed pecs in the show, and he even wears a touch of eyeliner to make his big brown eyes stand out. The chest hair, we assume, is natural, although we reckon he has pruned it into shape, insuring the pretty but gritty look.


Prior to his Hobbit days, the 31-year-old Irishman was cast as vampire, John Mitchell, in the supernatural drama programme Being Human…we all know vampires are sexy *cough* Robert Pattinson.

In fact it was his performance in Being Human that got the attention of Peter Jackson, who later cast him as the dwarf Kíli in The Hobbit Trilogy.

In a recent interview with The Mirror, Aiden dismissed the idea that he is a hunk, by saying: “I don’t look in the mirror and think I am handsome. I looked in the mirror this morning and saw spots on my face.” Down to earth AND good looking!? We must track this man down and marry him!

He also said that he finds it difficult to watch himself on screen: “I don’t know any actor who does enjoy it and the more time goes on, the harder it gets. I’m quite critical of myself.”

All of us at Janes think Aiden is doing a brilliant job playing Poldark and we are more than happy to carry on watching to get our Sunday night six-pack fix!

If you are not watching the show already, catch it Sundays at 9pm on BBC1.

In the meantime, we will leave you with some pictures of Aidan to drool over, you’re welcome ladies!


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