Winter Bath Time Delights


The darker nights are drawing in and advent calendars are already in the shops (REALLY?), so it must mean that winter is on its way. As much as we love summer, there is something super cosy about cuddling up and keeping warm inside, when it is icy outside. Suddenly, you aren’t opting for a quick shower but indulging in an hour-long bath, with the occasional hot tap top-ups of course.

Cosy winter bath treats

We at Average Janes love a nice long bath, so we have dedicated this post to all things bubbly, yummy and sweet to make your baths extra special this winter.

winter bath treats

Cinnamon Buns 3 in 1 – £14.50

This is the most gorgeous-smelling treat for any bath. Cinnamon is such a popular scent in winter because it reminds us of Christmassy cakes, mulled wine and of course gooey, tasty cinnamon buns. We can guarantee that after you pull the plug, your bathroom will smell great for hours. Oh and it leaves you super soft too…

Lush Magic Wand – £5.95

The. Best. Thing. Ever. It’s shaped like a star, pink and glittery. This magic wand from Lush is the ultimate girly bath time accessory. Give it a swirl under the taps as you run your bath (make a wish…) and watch the water turn into a unicorn. It smells like bubblegum and we promise that it isn’t messy at all. One bubble bar with last at least 4 baths. We know Lush can sometimes, well, smell overpowering, but go and have a look, they have some seriously cool stuff in there (like bath play dough that is body wash!).

yankee candle winter bath

Yankee Candle Macaron Treats – £18.99

OK ladies, sometimes a bath just isn’t complete without a candle. These candlelit moments are rare, but very worth it. Yankee Candle have released some new winter 2016 scents and this sweet, almond macaron ‘flavour’ is our favourite.

Radox Coconut and Milk Bath Soak – £1.00

We love a Radox bubble bath because they are just so darn frothy! They also have a scent for every occasion. This one is subtler than some of the other floral bath soaks from Radox, and this is exactly why we like it. Gentle but clean smelling, the coconut will sweeten the bath while the milk makes your skin baby soft.


Jo Malone’s Nutmeg and Ginger Bath Oil – £40.00

Gone are the days when bath oils were just for the *ahem* older ladies. Jo Malone have lots of gorgeous smelling oils that aren’t at all greasy. They soak into the skin making it noticeably softer and more supple. One thing we learnt the hard way, is not to dunk your head under when you have bath oil in the bath unless you have really dry hair. #headsup – literally.

Well there you have it. A super sweet and indulgent list of ingredients for the perfect cosy, winter bath.

What bath time treat have you discovered recently? Let us know @tweetjanes.