We can’t be the only ones desperate for summer to arrive, so it’s time to start thinking about our summer hair care! You might not change anything about your regime in the summer, but for those who find their hair needs an extra little bit of TLC (tender, loving conditioner…) when the sun’s rays get stronger we’ve picked our top summer hair care products.

Summer hair care – sun, sea and sexy hair!

Top Summer hair care picks

If you are going on holiday or just spending lots of time outdoors here in Britain, there will be something here for your hair  to look and feel fantastic.

Paul Mitchell Super Charged Moisturiser

Paul Mitchell, £16.50

It makes sense that your body needs lots of moisturising in the summer, so why wouldn’t we do the same to our hair? Not only do we use straighteners and hair driers all year, but in the summer we also lie in the sun, jump in and out of pools, and dive into the sea. It is a given that our poor locks are going to need a moisture injection from time to time, and this moisturising treatment from Paul Mitchell is amazing. It leaves your hair like silk and once dry, you can really feel the difference it has made. It doesn’t make your hair oily and we would totes recommend that you leave it on for 5 minutes to work its magic, before rinsing.

Aveda & Paul Mitchell hair care

Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil

FeelUnique.com, £21.50

Exactly what it says on the tin (OK, bottle). This is effectively sun cream for your hair. A luxurious veil for your hair when you know you will be out in the sun a lot. If you are off on holiday in hot temperatures that your hair isn’t used too, then you should think about taking something like this from Aveda. A few sprays throughout the day will keep split ends at bay and keep your hair looking great.

Awapuhi Texturising Ginger Sea Spray

Paul Mitchell, £20.50

Buy this for the scent alone. It smells like heaven and all day people were asking what I’d to get my beachy locks. Just a few sprays of this salt spray boosts naturally wavy hair and you can really see the definition it gives each kink. After the first day this does make hair was pretty knotty, so just put it up in a messy top-knot and spray on some more for good measure. It’s a great quick fix for limp curls or waves.

Smoothing summer hair care products

Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Soother: Shampoo & Conditioner

Boots, £3.89 each

Got a bit of a pink scalp from sitting in the sun? If you have a hairstyle where you are showing your parting, make sure you spray some SPF on there to stop uncomfortable scalp burn. If you do happen to burn your scalp, this gorgeous rice cream and oat milk shampoo will sooth your scalp back to harmony. The smell is lush and it lathers beautifully. Another tip is to pull your hair back into a ponytail or bun so that you don’t have a parting to burn.

Keratase Micro-Voile Protecteur

Keratase, £20.90

Similar to the Aveda hair veil above, this Kerastase version helps with the trauma of going from blazing sun to chemical filled pools, and then salty sea. Salt naturally sucks all the moisture out of our hair and skin (like when we get wrinkly fingers and toes), so having a barrier like this will lock in all the natural protective oils. It smells fantastic and contains UV filters to help keep your scalp from burning. Spray on dry or damp hair and re-apply after swimming. Obvs.

Summer hair care product guide

There you go, you have everything you need to keep your hair in tip-top shape this summer.

Remember these treats can also be used if you aren’t going on holiday but are spending a lot of time outdoors in the UK. It gets hot here too, sometimes.

What’s your go-to product for summer hair care? Let us know @tweetjanes.

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