After reviewing the latest face masks recently,  Sophie found out that the latest face mask trend if you really want to be on it is sheet masks. What is a sheet mask we hear you cry?!

Sheet Masks: trying the trend

Basically, it’s a bit of papery cloth to spread over your face – think wet wipe with face mask on it.

Sophie reviews her top 3 below.

Sheet masks on trial

Earths kiss sheet mask

Earth’s Kiss Miracle Clay Facial Hydrate Bamboo Sheet Mask, £1.99

So this brand claim to be hugging trees, cuddling puppies, dancing naked in the wind etc… It’s energised with the micronutrients found in Shilajit. Apparently the Lava Pumice and Witch Hazel work wonders to flush out your pores and moisture your skin. Sounds good so far, but I wasn’t blown away by this brand before.

But I put my cynical self aside and went for it. This was the first sheet mask I tried and mannnn, I looked sexy. My boyfriend asked had I been in an acid attack. The sheet mask itself is massive, I’d have to have serious moon face for this to fit.

After quite an average face mask, I wasn’t expecting much from the sheet mask, but it actually was quite good. Ticked off my lazy criteria: easy to get on and off. It was a mask rather than a serum, but doesn’t dry out. My skin felt soft and smushy afterwards.

Instagrammable: * hell no, unless it’s Halloween 

Skin: **** soft as a baby’s bum

Laziness: ** semi-faff to wash off

Value: **** so close to Poundland friendly  

Garnier sheet masks

Garnier moisture bomb tissue mask, £1.50

Where do I start with this bad boy. First off, the name moisture bomb sounds brilliant, like this mask is owning the place, destroying others in it’s path. It’s apparently a super-hydrating revitalising mask for dehydrated skin. It intensely reduces the look of fine lines, and revives radiance. I think I last had radiance in the 90s, but I’ll be happy if this can revive it.

Enriched with pomegranate extract, hyaluronic acid, and plant serum. Anything leaf/plant related and I’m sold.

But wait, there’s more! This superman megatron mask is and I quote, “inspired by Asia”…. Hang on a darn minute. Yes, a continent that has 48 countries, populated by 4.4 BILLION people, and covers a third of the Earth’s land mass.

Someone’s had a few too many espressos in the marketing department I think.

Ok, enough spiel, let’s get this thing on. It’s a slight bit more faff than I expected, as it has a protective film. You put the mask on and peel the blue film off, kinda like sticky back plastic. It’s soaking wet and slippy as it’s a serum, so the mask is tricky to keep on. But it’s more appealing than the last mask. Leave it on for 15 minutes, then take it off and rub in the leftover serum. Easy.

It was refreshing, but felt a bit sticky. My skin felt hydrated afterwards – softer and smoother. And the serum didn’t feel tight as my skin is quite sensitive.

I thought this was a good mask and a nice treat for the price tag as the packaging makes it look pricier. A good stocking filler for Christmas!

Instagrammable: ** insta story this

Skin: **** as smooth as Ryan Gosling in EVERYTHING ?

Laziness: ** a bit of faff 

Value: **** cheap as chips

Face inc sheet masks

Face Inc by Nails Inc 40 winks face mask anti-ageing, £5

Now these guys know how to take on a new trend and make it cool as f***. Welcome to the sheet mask with a cheeky pattern printed on it so you don’t look like you’re dressing up as a ghost for Halloween.

There’s a few to choose from; 40 winks (winky face), Instant Detox (faded mint green), Flower Power (think snapchat flower crown) and by far the best and sellout Cat Nap (no surprises here, a cat face).

They all do different singing and dancing things, I tested the 40 Winks sheet mask which claims to firm and brighten skin.

It’s enriched with collagen and  multivitamins to plump, reduce the visible signs of ageing, brighten and even out the skin tone. Also contains Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramide… (what the chuff these ingredients are is anyone’s guess).

So putting it on was dead easy. It’s slippy but straightforward to put on and get neat. I kinda look like I’m in Clockwork Orange rather than the smokin’ hot models though, hmm.

Fifteen minutes later I take it off, and rub the rest of the serum in. Voila! My face felt a lot firmer and brighter and really hydrated. I’m keen to try out the detox one which cleanses and purifies – and the cat nap one is deffo going on my Christmas list!

There’s not much you can get for under a fiver these days, and I reckon these masks make a great Secret Santa pressie for the woman you don’t have a scoobies what to get.

Instagrammable: **** Cat Nap or Flower Power + filter = likey likey

Skin: **** Kardashian-face-lift-firm

Laziness: **** sloth level 

Value: *** worth a fiver 

What’s the verdict?

So it turns out sheet masks are a whole different ball game to traditional face masks. They don’t dry out your skin and are a zillion times easier – and in some instances cuter (in some cases, terrifying). I found them miles less faff, especially the serum based ones, as you don’t have to wash them off. I think the old school face masks have a better effect, but if you can’t be arsed,  these sheet masks are just the trick.

Giving a sheet mask a go? Let us know what you think – @tweetjanes.

Tickled your fancy?



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