Long hair is so last season…Sarah Michelle Gellar joins the bob haircut bandwagon!

Sarah Michelle Gellar: New Crop!

It’s a trend we’ve been talking about a lot recently at Janes, there are so many Celebs these days rocking the shorter lengths, one of our recent favourites was Emma Stone’s new do!

The newest addition to the bob-club is the 37-year-old Buffy The Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar.

She recently tweeted: “Time for a change. Thanks @mararoszak for cutting and @rachel_goodwin and @TaraSwennen for talking me into it.”

We particularly enjoy the moral support part on the end of the tweet because it would take a lot of guts to go for the crop! In fact, it is very different to her typical hairstyle: long, straight, golden locks…


…But we absolutely love the new ‘do, with added tousled waves to give that extra sassy style. We think the new cut is fun, sexy and will no doubt result in a whole host of new celebrities heading to the hairdressers for the bob-chop!

Back in August in an interview with Us Weekly, she said her style had changed since becoming a mum to daughter, Charlotte, 5, and son Rocky, 2, with husband Freddie Prince Jr. This new season cut oozes sophistication, if this was the style Sarah was going for; she has got it bang on!

Have you recently gone for the chop? Tweet us a pic of your new style! @tweetjanes

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