Dare to Bare this summer: PURE skincare

PURE skincare product review

With an English summer actually happening, the ‘dare to bare’ beauty look is more of a necessity to stay comfortable, than a catwalk copy. PURE skincare products contribute to the excellent prep and TLC often required for that no-make-up confidence. We’ve been giving them a try – check out our review below.

PURE at Home skincare products produce deep-cleansing, pore-refining, complexion-clearing and moisture-boosting results, to give you a genuinely fresh-faced glow.

PURE skincare: spa luxury in your home

PURE has already seen great success in the spa and beauty industry, boasting six stand-alone spas across Scotland, winning UK Spa of the Year in 2013. The even better news? PURE skin care products are now available to purchase, bringing that sense of spa luxury to your home.

The one word us Janes would use to define these products is ‘luxurious’, from the packaging – which looks like a top-end spa product – to the smell and feel of the products.

PURE skincare facial oil

Applying the skincare products

There is an almost-scientific approach to the packaging and application of the PURE skincare range. The suggested precise measuring of the quantity of each product you should use – such as the pipette facial oil – actually makes up for the considerable price tag; each shot of cleanser and droplet of face oil is on balance a reasonable price. So you can be sure these products will have staying power on your bathroom shelf.

Another positive of the pipette application of the facial oil is that you can quickly get into a routine, morning and night.

From wash n’ go to full routine

At first, being a wash n’ go type of Jane, the pipetting, cleansing and spritzing all seemed very time-consuming. However, after familiarising myself with the two shots of cleanser, the face cloth rub-off and the four droplets of facial oil (warmed in my hands before application) it was a quick, easy and enjoyable bathroom ritual.

In fact, the cleanser (£22) and hydrate & renew facial oil (£32) are the two indispensable products I will be adding to my wash n’ go bathroom routine.

PURE skincare full range

Give it a try

Check out the full range on the PURE skincare website.

Giving it a go? Let us know what you think – @tweetjanes.