Ah-ha, so what’s this then? We to were quizzical about the meaning behind this strange concept but, alas, as always, here at Average Janes we have uncovered the facts!

Oil Pulling

Behind this weird and wonderful name is a very simple theory. Oil pulling is in fact, a very ancient concept that involves swirling oil around your mouth for oral health and hygiene.
First used as a traditional, Indian remedy, Oil Pulling removes the harmful bacteria from your teeth, gums and throat, naturally whitens your teeth and leaves you with a fresh breath all day. To good to be true? We tried and tested it for you…

The Oil

Traditionally Sunflower oil or Olive oil was used, but being a big fan of Coconut oil, to stimulate eyebrow growth, we had some laying around and this is most commonly used now as it has a nicer texture and taste.

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How to

This should be the first thing you do in the morning before brushing your teeth or eating breakfast. A good time is in the shower après beauty regime.

Take a dessert spoon of Coconut Oil, it will be solid and white as it hardens at room temperature. Place it into your mouth and allow it to melt by pressing down on it with your tongue, this will seems strange at first but you will get use to it.

Move the liquid around your mouth by swishing it like mouthwash. Ideally you want to do this for 15-20 minutes. (You may want to inform your partner or housemates, as you won’t be talking to them whilst pulling is in process!)

After, spit it out into a bin or down the loo, not the sink as it will harden again and cause a pesky blockage.


The results

We were amazed at the results. After just 5 days my teeth were whiter and pearlier, all day they feel glazed and healthy. Even after the morning coffee, breath is fresh, fresh, fresh! We are 100% sold, a clean and pearly smile is a no brainer for me and we have recommended it to everyone that’s asked, and a lot who haven’t for that matter!

On a personal note, I have also noticed my skin is practically glowing, my pores are smaller and my hair feels healthier and stronger – a coincidence perhaps, I am no scientist, but I know one thing, I’m not going to stop to find out!

Happy Oil Pulling, Janes!

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