Nail art inspiration


If like us you’re a little bit addicted to Pinterest you will understand what we mean when we talk about inspiration! There are literally thousands of images to get the ideas flowing on pretty much any topic you can imagine! This time we’re all about the nails…

Beautiful nail art is a finely tuned skill that comes with hours of practice and (usually!) better to get a professional to do it! However for those of us who like a bit of a challenge, it’s the perfect way to get us going!

There are a number of products out there which make nail art a little easier, from marker pens and stencils to stickers and wraps, the world is your nail art oyster!

Some great ones are…
Models own Nail Art Pens £6
The New Black Typography Kits £21.95
Rio Beauty Ultimate Nail Art Collection £29.99

So, we have picked out some of our very favourite nails art designs from the Average Janes Pinterest board to help you on your way to amazing nails! From bold graphics to simple design (all varying in difficulty!) we have something to suit all levels!

So get your creative heads on and send us your nail art @tweetjanes