Lush L’oreal Lips


L’oreal’s newest lipstick range is the divine Collection Privée by Color Riche. Now we know everything sounds so much more glam with a French accent but regardless of its luxurious label, we are pretty impressed with these beauts.

It is a collection of harmonious nudes carefully selected to be as unique as you, on you. Taking into consideration your skin tone, hair colour and style to match you up with your perfect pastel.


A perfect nude lippie is a fabulous compliment to every Janes make up bag; adding a soft touch of class for everyday wear or a great combination with dramatic smoky eyes.

Us Janes say empower your autumnal style with your own Collection Privee nude, for effortless Janes glam this season.
Take the test online here and tell us your perfect nude partnership @tweetjanes