Loud and BROWed

Brows on Fleek

Make up and fashion styles are constantly changing but a trend that we are still loving here at Janes HQ are big, beautiful brows! Two of our writers, Nell and Holly, have collaborated on a piece to help you achieve the brows of your dreams.

Brows On Fleek

Nell and Holly share their top products to brows(e)… Ahem…

Nell – Tweezerman Slant Tweezer

Although thicker, untweezed eyebrows are certainly having a renaissance, they still require a bit of maintenance to keep the shape. The Tweezerman tweezers are a must-have for me – for precision tweezing and to keep my brows from looking too overgrown. I have used different tweezers in the past that have snapped the hair before I’ve been able to pull it out leaving little bits of hair behind – not a great look! The Tweezerman tweezers have eradicated this issue for me and were definitely worth the splurge.

Holly – Benefit Brow-Zings

One of my favourite eyebrow products has to be the Benefit Brow-Zings eyebrow shaping kit. It is a steep £24.50, but it is well worth the money. With six different shades to choose from (there used to only be three), you can match it exactly to your eyebrow colour for a natural-looking brow. It has a tinted wax, which sets the hair, and a powder to shape and fill in the gaps. It comes in a little cute compact – complete with a teeny pair of tweezers and an applicator for girls who do their brows on the go. Benefit also released 12 other products in June specifically for your brows (including Nell’s Gimme Brow pick below). Enjoy!

Tweerman and Brow Zings

Nell – Gimme Brow! Fibre Gel

This product has been a recent find for me, but has quickly become one my absolute favourites. Gimme Brow! does the same job as eyebrow tinting, but in a less permanent way. With tinting the dye clings to all the hairs (even paler ones) to give brows a thicker, fuller look – and Gimme Brow! does the same. Coming in 3 different shades, there is something for every skin tone. It’s light formula doesn’t overload the brow but gives a subtle definition and also helps brows maintain their shape. It is also light enough to stay put in the heat which is a big plus. Brow definition is an important part of my summer make up routine and I definitely don’t want my brows melting off halfway through the day!>

Holly – Seventeen Brow Sculpting Pencil

Possibly the cheapest bit of make up I own is the Seventeen Brow Sculpting Pencil at a bargain basement £2.89 from Boots. Yes that’s right, it’s cheaper than a Chai Latte. I bought this in a panic when I needed a brow pencil for a night out and couldn’t bear rushing a high-end purchase decision, so I grabbed this as I sprinted through town. This little pencil is great and I still use it for when I want really defined statement brows. The little lid brush has a comb on it to brush your brows and then you simply fill in the gaps. The colour choice isn’t extensive (I actually think there is just one shade…) but it does the job and it’s £2.89! Seriously, why have you not got this already?

Gimme Brow and 17 Brows pencil

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