Killer Combos: Haircare Treats

Haircare treats - shampoo and conditioner

We all love our hair and when we find a product that we love, we can get attached to it and refuse to try anything else. Sometimes it’s good for your hair to mix things up and not stay with the same shampoo and conditioner for too long as your hair can get used to the benefits of it. That’s where we come in!

We have chosen four ‘Killer Combo’ shampoo and conditioners that are so good, you won’t look back (hair flick).

Shampoo and Conditioners – haircare that makes you look and feel amazing

Be warned, these aren’t £1.99 bargain basement shampoos. These are luxury shampoos that are well worth the investment.

Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo & Super Strong Liquid Treatment

Paul Mitchell, £14.50 and £19.25

Paul Mitchell as a brand prides itself on being the first professional beauty company to stand up against animal testing. These particular products from Paul Mitchell are some of their best. The shampoo lathers up beautifully and leaves your hair feeling amazingly clean. Once you have rinsed and towel-dried your hair, then it’s time to spray on the liquid treatment, which acts as a leave-in conditioner. It’s lovely and isn’t hard to brush through like some leave-ins you come across. Shampoo One is ideal for daily use on normal to fine, colour-treated, processed or permed hair.

Redken Scalp Relief Detox Shampoo & All Soft Conditioner

Feel Unique, £10.25 and £11.20

If you have an oily scalp but long for the soft touch too, this is the combo for you. Redken has been used in salons for years and for good reason. The detox shampoo glides onto your hair and the conditioner lives up to its name by leaving hair so soft that your fingers slide right through it. With this one, only apply the conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends to avoid making your scalp oily again.

Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Shampoo & Spray Mist

Feel Unique, £15.10 and £7.15

If nothing else, the smell of pecan in this shampoo and conditioner combo is amazing. This shampoo has been designed to address the moisture levels of medium to coarse hair textures. Specifically for normal to dry hair types in need of hydration and one of the key ingredients is Argan oil, which FYI is amazing for hair. The treatment is another leave-in spray, which is applied to towel dried hair.

Kerastase Bain Force Architecte & Ciment Anti-usure Conditioner

Kerastase, £12.25 and £14.35

If you straighten, blow-dry or colour your hair regularly, it will start to become dry and broken. This shampoo will literally help in rebuilding your hair’s strength and can transform your hair from a split-end mess to gorgeous sleek locks. The conditioner can be used as a normal conditioner, but if you did want to leave it on for 10 minutes, it will act as a treatment for an even silkier finish.

Kerastase Ciment antiusure haircare

There you go! We did say they wouldn’t be cheap, but if you make the investment, you don’t have to use them every time you wash your hair. We tend to keep a bog standard shampoo on stand-by and use our posh ones, like the ones above, for a weekly haircare treat.

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