If there’s one celeb that loves changing her hairdo, it’s Katy Perry. From a wavy cropped green bob, to the iconic California Girls blue wig, she’s just about tried everything!So join us for a little trip down memory lane, to some of our favourite Katy Perry hairstyles…

Katy Perry Hairstyles

We kick it all off with the year she rose to fame in 2008 following the success of her single ‘I Kissed A Girl’. She is pictured here at the MTV VMA’s with a very simple, dark black, long and wavy hairstyle. This look is a rather innocent representation of Perry, but it doesn’t take her long to start mixing things up…

Elegance is the best word to describe Katy’s locks at the 2009 Grammy Awards. She’s still not quite at her hair dying stage, keeping with the dark brunette/black hair, but she has had it chopped and tousled into a short bob.

Slightly cheating in 2010, Katy donned the iconic California Girls blue wig. We’ve still included it in our favourite KP hairstyles because not everyone can pull off such a drastic ‘do! Oh and if you ever wanted to grab yourself the wig for a fancy dress party you can go online and buy it for as cheap as £8.99!

In the same year Katy showed off her real hair featuring some blue and pink dyed strips at the MTV VMA’s. She called it her ‘My Little Pony’ hair and we loved this style. It will always remind us of her music video for the massive hit Firework, which was Katy’s third number one single from her album Teenage Dream.

At the 2011 Change Begins With Benefit Celebration, Katy showed off her new style: pink roots fading into a short blonde crop. We think the blonde hair really suited her and made her look a lot like Taylor Schilling who plays Piper Chapman in Orange is the New Black.

Hello blue bob! Featured in this picture at a charity event in Los Angeles back in 2012, it was her first official appearance following her break up with Russell Brand. Katy kept the short cut, but decided to change the colour to a blue hue, very similar to the California girls wig.

Our favourite Katy Perry hairstyle came from the promotional artwork from her 2013 album Prism. The album included hit singles: Roar, Unconditionally and Dark Horse. Katy went back to the dark side, with this deep purple, shoulder length wavy hairstyle.


Posing here for the front cover of the July 2014 edition of Cosmopolitan, Katy looked super fierce with her green locks. She seems to embrace her roots and have them on show at all times, and weirdly, it seems to look really good!

Showing off her new hairstyle recently at the 2015 Grammy’s, Katy kept the bob ‘do but yes, yet again she’s reached for the bottle of hair dye and now it’s a beautiful lavender shade. There has been, however, a media frenzy into whether it’s actually a wig, because when she took to the stage to perform at the awards she was back to blonde. Wig or not, it gets Janes seal of approval!

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