If like us, you love the idea of getting a tattoo but are a little afraid of the commitment, Inkbox has the perfect solution!

Inkbox Two Week Tattoo

Inkbox, co-founded by brother dream team duo Tyler and Branden Handley, have designed the world’s first tattoo that lasts for two weeks. Unlike other temporary tattoos, they look and feel real and are made from an organic fruit-based ink that is safe for your skin.

They have taken to Kickstarter to fund their idea, and have already raised over $200,000, which means they will be able to offer custom designs that users can either upload or create themselves using the customiser tool on their website.

The painless process is incredibly simple:


Peel the back off the inkbox and place it on your skin where you’d like the tattoo to appear. Take the towelette provided in the pack and run it under water for a few seconds, put on the black tattoo glove and hold the towelette over the black square for ten minutes. Allow firm pressure until the time is up, then remove the stencil and wait.

Over the next 12-24 hours, the tattoo will magically appear.


The inkbox formula itself is 100% organic and made of fruit. It works by turning the structural proteins in the top layer of your skin black, by reacting with organic compounds in your skin.

In contrast to other temporary tattoos, that sit on top of the skin and peel away, Inkbox’s sit in your skin, just like a normal tattoo. The difference is that normal tattoos scar the skin, but the Inkbox tattoo simply stains it, which is why after two weeks it fades.

There are currently over 300 designs to choose from on their website, including chevrons, flowers, triangles and even a map of the world. They come in seven different sizes, depending on how big you want the tattoo, to fit designs anywhere from 0.5 inches to 5 inches.

With a donation of just $18 you can pre-order one of the designs with a delivery expected as soon as October later this year and they ship worldwide.

Check out some of their designs here:

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