To hun or not to hun? That is the question.

Hot hair trend: 'The Hun'

For all those extremely confused by what a ‘hun’ is, it’s the half-bun style messy hairdo that has become the hottest hair trend this summer. A whole host of celebrities have jumped on the hun bandwagon, from Kate Mara to Margot Robbie, to Khloe Kardashian, to Victoria’s Secret Model, Candice Swanepoel. J-Lo has also tried it out, but we weren’t a fan of her attempt.

The look is part man bun, part hangover hair, it doesn’t exactly sound amazing, but we are big fans of it here at Janes HQ. We have been spotting the hairdo all over social media sites for months now, but it has really taken off this summer, probably because it’s super quick and easy!

So, how does one get the hun? Well it’s pretty simple, blow dry your hair as normal, part your hair, half up, half down, and tie half the hair in a hair tie. Eh Voila! For a more finished look, take a small section from the tie and wrap it round your hair, like you would for a typical bun. As for the rest of your hair, leave it messy for the best look!

The style works with any length of hair, and looks great on pretty much everyone! So say goodbye to perfectly preened buns, and hello to the latest new hair trend.

To prove that it looks fab on all hair lengths, check out Miley Cyrus below Cyrus proving that even with short hair you can still rock the hun…


Are you a fan of ‘the hun’? Let us know what you think of the trend and send us pics of yours at @tweetjanes!

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