Yes you did read it correctly, no this is not a joke! Hair plopping is the latest hair craze taking the beauty world by storm. If you want curls like Beyoncé, then take note!

Hot hair trend: 'Hair Plopping'

So what on earth is hair plopping? Well first off, the new trend only really works on hair that is already curly. For those of you who find it hard to maintain your curly locks, hair plopping is great way to get beautiful wavy hair without the use of any heat.

The hair plopping process is pretty easy, after you wash your hair, leave it damp and add your favourite products to it. Then take a towel or t-shirt and lay it down on a flat surface before “plopping” your hair onto it. Then, simply wrap the towel/t-shirt around your hair and secure the curls in place by twisting the ends.

If you are still confused about how to hair plop then check out this great tutorial video:

In terms of deciding between using a towel or a t-shirt, we suggest you try out both and see which is best for you. Celebrities such as Lauren Conrad swear by the t-shirt method, as she thinks it leads to less frizz and breakage.

She’s a big fan of the latest trend and speaks very highly of it: “This tip will be especially life changing for girls with curly hair, but it works wonders on my straight strands too!” So all of you Janes with straight hair, why not get on the hair plopping bandwagon too!

What do you think about hair plopping? Have you tried it? Let us know by commenting below or sending us a tweet! @tweetjanes

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