Halloween Makeup Inspiration


With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time for you to start planning your outfit! For those of you who are sick of dressing up as a cat or a sexy vampire, we are here to help with some make-up inspiration. From creating Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn to morphing your face into a Snapchat filter, we have complied a list of *killer* looks for Halloween!


We had to look twice at this before deciding Youtuber beeisforbeeauty was actually okay and not in pain from the hook coming out of her mouth. If you want a gruesome Halloween look, this is the perfect one. It’s also incredibly easy to make your face look like it has scales…
Watch Bee’s tutorial here:


The new filters on Snapchat are all everyone can talk about these days; the crying eyes, the scary grey face and our personal favourite, the puking rainbow! One Youtuber has taken inspiration from these filters and created her own fantastic Halloween makeup look!
Check out the video below to re-create the look:


Not many people opt for animal Halloween costumes, apart from the mouse of course, but if you take the time to perfect the makeup and get yourself some cheap contact lenses, you’ll have one creepy/very scary tiger!
Watch ShelingBeauty’s tiger tutorial here:


For those elite make-up wearers among us, try your hand at the extremely creepy double-face Halloween look. This one might take a fair amount of time and a few tries, but if you get it right, the finished look is super creepy and judging by the reactions of the public at the end of the video, it is bound to be a winner at any Halloween party.
Watch the tutorial here:


If dressing up as one of your favourite film characters is your go-to Halloween idea, then we suggest you watch Makeyewlook’s Inside Out inspired Sadness make-up tutorial! She makes it look very easy, but we reckon it might take a few tries to perfect Sadness, but it would definitely be worth it! You should also check out her Youtube page for more Halloween inspired make-up ideas!
Watch the Sadness tutorial here:


For another film-inspired look, why not try Harley Quinn! Her face make-up isn’t too time-consuming either, but her tattoos may take a little while to perfect! Alexa Poletti, gives you her step-by-step guide to creating the perfect Harley Quinn, even down to the mismatching nail colours.
Watch her great video here:

What will you be dressing up as for Halloween this year? Don’t forget to send us pics of your makeup and outfits! @tweetjanes