At all costs, you want to avoid shuffling out of your hairdressing appointment with a mop that looks like a rat went at it. We hear you! At Average Janes we know there’s nothing finer than gliding out the salon with your fresh, shiny doo, so we’ve dedicated a whole lot of savvy lady hours in figuring out how you know you’ve made the right decision for that irreversible first snip.

The Insider's guide to Hairdressing

Here is our Insider’s Guide to Hairdressing that will help determine who makes the cut. See how they gel with you…

The Coat & Coffee Service

It’s all about first impressions. The level of service you receive when first wandering into a salon will give a glimpse of how you and your locks will be treated throughout the entire hairdressing relationship. Personal or put-out? You are their blank canvas so all attention should be focused on YOU.

The Dirty Magazine Stash

What sort of magazines you are brought will reveal the level of enthusiasm and dedication the stylists have to their profession. Are they recent or is Drew Barrymore the cover girl with her Never Been Kissed era look? Is there a sneaky gardening magazine in that pile? If you can’t find a sexy woman in the salon’s magazines before they commence your cut – they’re not really trying.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Your consultation determines how the next few months will be for you. Don’t end up counting down the days till your hair grows back! Make it 100% clear what you want to change about your look. Vagueness can equal unhappiness, so we recommend bringing in a cut-out or picture of the style you want your stylist to bring to life.

The Chatterbox

Not every female goes to the hairdressers for a massive gossip session that carries on even when the hairdryer is buzzing away. But you will know within the first 5 minutes of having your superhero cloak thrown around you how chatty your stylist is. At Average Janes , we say go with it. The appointment is wholly about you, your wants and needs, your life, so ride the egotistical rollercoaster for the entire appointment. It’s liberating.

The Head Massage

Clearly the best part of any hairdressing appointment, is the incredible feel-good scalp massage. Sure, your neck often becomes numb resting on the awkward basin rim, but that pain totally justifies the sensuous rinse and repeat to follow. As long as they get the temperature right, you’re in for a real treat here. Avoid situations where the scalp massage is flooded by mood-killers – this is your time to sit back and relax.

The Send Off

You will be surprised how flexible most hairdressers are when it comes to perfecting your final look. Just ask and they should blow-dry, expertly straighten, curl, sometimes even crimp your locks for you. Not to mention – they go crazy on the products, so your hair looks, feels and smells incredible when you walk out. And that next appointment they eagerly try to book you in for? If it’s a thumbs up for previous points 1-5, then then we say go for it!

The Morning After the Cut Before

This is the moment very similar to when you shower after a fresh sunburn. The truth comes out. What HAVE you done to your body? 99% of the time, you wake up and look in the mirror feeling sexier than ever. But, if your hair is not up to scratch after sleeping on it and returning to its natural state – try some styling products! Often your salon will suggest ones appropriate to you after the appointment, or you can simply pop into your local beauty store and stock up.

Although the options out there are endless, our hunches should guide you towards the haircut of your dreams. Until you fall in love with a hairdresser offering an attitude suited to your style, our insider’s thought for all Average Janes readers to ask at the next appointment is: do you really (honestly) like how the back of your head looks in that hand-held mirror?

Average Janes Hair Treasures


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With chances to visit the beach slimmer than a lot of our waistlines this season, you can still enjoy that slightly messy, sea-salt scrunched look with this gem…

FAT HAIR Thickening Spray
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Resurrection Dust
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