Festival Hair Inspiration


If you’re heading to a festival this summer, we dare you to go wild with your hair and do something different! With all of the great products on the market these days you wouldn’t need to make it a permanent change either, just a temporary bright and fun alteration!

You could just put your hair in plaits, but where is the fun in that! So why not try out dying it and have a completely different colour for the duration of the festival. From pastel-coloured dyes to glitter hair gel, we dare you to be bold!



For a wash-in shade with a bit of staying power, your best bet is Bleach London. It’s super easy to use and offers great coverage. Plus they have a huge range of colours. From peach to pink to dark purple. You could even mix two of the colours together to create your very own unique hue.

Buy it: £6.00



If you’re after a wash-in, wash-out super duper hair dye, this is the option for you. It’ll last a few washes and fade beautifully, so you won’t end up with some funky looking balayage. It’s fun, it’s vibrant and it doesn’t break the bank! Plus that Pink Riot colour is to die for.

Buy it: £5.50


Nothing says festival more than glitter. Typically we opt for a bit of glitter on the face, but when we saw New Look’s range of hair glitter we couldn’t resist. Take your festival fancy dress under the sea with this mermaid glitter.

Buy it: £3.99



If you’re relatively new to hair dying, we suggest you try out Crazy Colour first. If things don’t go exactly to plan, they wash out really easily. They even have a rainbow colour option, so for those Janes heading to Pride this summer, why not give it a go!

Buy it: £4.50

Will you be opting for bold festival hair this summer? What colour will you choose? Let us know! @tweetjanes