We’re loving the lighter, warmer mornings, but sometimes we still need that extra boost to energise us at the start of the day. Surround yourself with the gorgeous scents of these shower products for that extra bit of get-up-and-go, leaving you ready to face the day’s challenges.

Energise Your Mornings

Energise your mornings with a little bit of shower luxury and the following products:

Soap & Glory, Rich and Foamous Body Wash

A creamy texture that works into a comforting, sudsy lather. Its honeyed, caramelised-sugar scent really is good enough to eat (don’t, though!). The oats and almonds will leave your skin moisturised, saving you time too. Comforting.
£6.50 from Boots

Sanctuary Spa Body Wash

The essentials oils in this aromatic gel give a gorgeous, clean herbal scent for a little bit of spa luxury at home. You’ll only need a small amount, but it smells so good you’ll probably end up using more. The moisturising capsules burst into flecks of subtle shimmer, so you get a little bit of glamour too! Energising.
£5.50 from Boots

Rituals Zensation, Organic Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom

A gel that foams into a luxurious lather (speaking from experience, be careful how much you squirt out if you want to avoid feeling like you’ve collided with a meringue factory). The light cherry scent is beautifully subtle, rather than sweet-shop sweet, transporting you to vistas of delicate blossom and lush rice paddies. Calming.
£5 from John Lewis

There we have it, by morning ritual and the best shower products to get you energised in the morning!

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