Diary of a Teeth-Whitener

Polished Whitening teeth whitening kit review

Seeking a sparkling smile? Our writer Sophie puts Polished Whitening teeth whitening strips to the test. She may start off drooling like Beethoven, but by a few days in she’s got this thing nailed. Did she get a shinier smile? Find out in her Diary of a Teeth Whitener.

The diary of a teeth-whitener

Day 1

It’s 29th December, I’m stuffing my face with chocolates and think this is an ideal time to try teeth whitening. I’m testing teeth whitening strips from Polished Whitening. They’re peroxide free and claim to give you a whiter smile in 2 weeks. I put it to the test…

You can’t eat or drink anything for half an hour whilst doing the treatment and they advise you to only drink water after that. Perfect! This’ll stop me gorging on festive treats.

The teeth whitening stuff comes in a small tinfoil wrapper and two plaster-size strips. You have to make sure your teeth are dry and stick them on. Easy! The strips are pretty wide, so don’t have to panic if your teeth are like Keira Knightley’s/a werewolf. I had to wrap them over my teeth as they were too big for me and you’re not meant to get them on your gums. Then I plonked myself on the sofa ready for gleaming teeth.

Slight problem. I’m drooling. Like, a lot. If anyone has ever had a retainer, you’ll know your mouth produces saliva when you put a retainer in for the first few times as it thinks it’s food. And obviously I’ve been eating such monstrous amounts over Christmas that my mouth can’t deal and I’m frothing like a DOG WITH RABIES. Oh Jesus. After half an hour I peeled the strips off and they have moved all over the shop because my mouth is a frigging waterfall. I’m left with the gel everywhere in my mouth and frantically scrub it off.

Day 2

So I went to visit some mates for the day and I forgot to teeth whiten. I also may or may not have had half a bottle of red wine. Whoops.

Day 3

Hurrah! It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m ready to sparkle. I did my teeth whitening whilst getting ready – I did my make up at the same time, which worked well. I’m still drooling everywhere which is a pain. Taking the strips off and “rinsing your mouth” isn’t as simple as that, because you’re left with gunky gel on your teeth (the stuff that actually whitens it). So I had to actually scrape it off and use floss to get it out between my teeth. Tastes nice though.

Day 4

I did it in the morning as my mam did an amazing New Year’s Day dinner, which I didn’t want to ruin by accidentally having Christmas cake for brekkie. I’m less dribbly and starting to notice an actual difference. So much so, that my mam asks if I’ve whitened my teeth as they’re looking so bright. Yes!

Teeth whitening kit - Polished Whitening

Day 5

Errr, I was busy and forgot.

Day 6 to 9

I’ve got this shizzle DOWN. I discovered (worryingly late in this process) that the best time to teeth whiten is before you go to bed. The best way to apply the strips without them moving everywhere is to have a dry mouth – which is what they tell you. But how do you make your mouth dry?! My question exactly. My trick was to cup my hands over my mouth and do my best Darth Vader impression, breathe heavily and voila! The strips actually stay on. And if you keep breathing heavily there’s less drool, high five.

Sparkly teeth

I’m pretty happy with the end result. I don’t think my teeth look super white, but it has made them a bit brighter and whiter, even after just 7 days and a few mishaps and red wine. They also haven’t affected the sensitivity of my teeth at all. I even went to the hygienist the next day who came at me with various instruments and didn’t hurt.

My Before and After shots

So, peroxide-free and a lot less faff than other teeth whitening products. A two week course is 20 quid so pretty reasonable too. Just don’t expect to look like the sexy photos until AFTER the slobbery process.

For more information see Polished’s website.

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