With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we’re thinking about how to make an effort on date nights, whilst appeasing our inner-cynic by appearing like we’re not going to try too hard!

Date Night Hair

We’re all about saving crucial post-work prep time (and, ahem, leaving more time for our nails to dry…it can’t be just us that always leaves it last-minute and smudges it as we’re putting on our shoes, surely?!). So we’ve picked our three favourite easy up-do’s – perfect for pulling off that breezy “Oh this? I just pinned this up in five minutes!” head-toss.

Whether you’ve got a date in mind for February 14th, or are planning a few drinks with friends to escape the coupled-up throng, try these messy, romantic styles for an effortlessly elegant look.

The Marnie Romantic Bun

No doubt about it, Girls’ Marnie is ‘the elegant one’. Polished and pretty, we think this romantic, low chignon perfectly encapsulates her look.

Start with an off-centre parting, and loosely twist back two sections (top and bottom) of hair, pinning it back towards the base of your head. Repeat on the other side and then gather the four sections into a very low pony. Twist into a loose bun and secure with pins (lots of them!).

For a more casual look, tease out the twisted hair and bun, and spritz with a shine mist like Charles Worthington Shine Booster, £5.99.

The Serena Pony

Effortlessly breezing around Upper East Side, Gossip Girl’s Serena is the queen of sexy, bed-tousled hair. This high ponytail looks equally beautiful with a designer dress or jeans and flats.

Start by giving your roots a volume boost with Tresemme Tousled Wave Spray, £5.50. Tease up a section from your forehead, give it a little backcomb and secure with a few pins at your crown. Pull the rest of your hair into a high pony and secure. Wrap the ends of the teased section around the pony to hide the elastic, secure with a couple of pins. Finally, pull a few wisps out to frame your face. For a more boho look work a low pony, start with a side parting and leave the top section to fall around your face.

You know he’s going to love it. XOXO.

The Katniss Braid

Jennifer Lawrence is still our no.1 girl crush – and what better way to pay homage to her feisty, irreverent character Katniss Everdeen than this twist on the classic French braid. This up-do looks impressively intricate, but once you’ve mastered French-plaiting it’s easy to do.

To add texture before you begin we love Lee Stafford’s Messed Up Spray Wax, £5.49 – great for keeping the braid in place, without making it sticky or greasy. Start with a side parting, and section-off a piece of hair down the left side. Split into three and French-plait, gradually incorporating larger sections into the braid. Continue plaiting across the back of your head to the back of your neck, and over your right shoulder until all your air is incorporated. Secure with an elastic to finish.

May the date night odds be ever in your favour!

So there you have – three easy up-do’s for effortlessly chic hair. Trying them out? Share with us @tweetjanes

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