Cool Halloween Makeup

Halloween Makeup

It’s that time of year when we’re all reaching for the fangs and channelling Bella Swan. Wanting to make a Halloween makeup statement enough to make people turn and stare…or maybe just scare our neighbours. So here we have found some seriously cool and rather scary Halloween make up looks to inspire you this hallows eve.

From scary Gaga-esq skulls to sultry cat eyes to weird and wonderful crazy dolls there are literally hundreds of inspired Halloween makeup looks to choose from. No matter what your need, Halloween Party, out with friends or just as a bit of fun with the girls, there is sure to be something to suit you (and perhaps your skill level!)

Head to your local fancy dress shop at this time of year and you’ll find a plethora of props to help create your perfect look like fake blood, putty to create the most gruesome of wounds, stick on fangs and so much more!

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So here are our favourite Halloween make-up looks to get you all inspired! Move to the dark side…and not in a Star Wars way…

halloween make up-mouth

What will you go as this Hallows Eve? Send your Halloween makeup pics to @tweetjanes. If that wasn’t enough, check out our 2015 Halloween Makeup Inspirationand How Tos.