Here at Janes, we’re forever in the should we, shouldn’t debate when it comes to cutting our hair! Whether you have long hair and want it mid-length or mid-length and want it short, the indecisiveness of whether you ACTUALLY should or not is always there!!

Celebs who rock the shorter-lengths

Will you regret it? Will you love it? Will other people love it or hate it?! Will it make me more content with my boring barnet?

You might be aiming for a Michelle Williams inspired elfin crop or an Alexa Chung mid-length, either way, it’s scary stuff!

Unsurprisingly, celebs are lucky to enough to have access to some of the worlds best hair stylists and so they rarely come out of the hairdressers looking like their mum has been at them with some hedge clippers. We however aren’t always so lucky (cue cringes whilst having flashbacks of walking out of salon as our eyes well-up with shock horror!)

All that aside, it doesn’t mean we don’t seriously love, and massively aspire to having a crop or mid-length style that makes people double take us in the street and think ‘wow, I wish I could get my hair like that’!

And, as we all know, it’s much easier when you can show a hairdressers a picture, so here we take a look at some of our favourite shorter lengths!



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Tickled your fancy?



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