At some point in our lives we’ve all thought about going for the chop. The fringe has the power to transform your look in just a few short snips, and good news is, they’re right on trend.

Hot hair trend: fringes

Whether you’re a fringe fan or not, there’s no doubt they’re back with a ‘bang’ (sorry!).

So this is obviously amazing news if you’re rocking your Zooey Deschanel or channeling Karlie Kloss and her uber cool fringe/bob combo. However, if you haven’t yet been brave enough to come into contact with the scissors we’ve also got good news for you…lots of the catwalk fringes…are fake!

Yes ladies, the ‘winge’ is once again on the rise! From it’s first real public appearance on Kim Kardashian the fake fringe has gradually been making it’s way to the everyday and we think they’re fab!

A fringe can frame your eyes, accentuate your cheekbones and hide any annoying forehead lines and can change your look in an instant!

So, If you’re not quite brave enough just yet, the winge is the perfect solution! Whether it’s just for a night out, special occasion or because you want to try the style out to see if it suits you before going for the chop!

Our top tips for making the your fake fringe look more natural are, it shouldn’t look too perfect! Mess it up a little and make it blend in to your own hair and as the synthetic fringes can look a little ultra glossy add a bit of dry shampoo to dull it up a bit!

We love Hershesons fab fake fringes in two on-trend styles and a variety of shades to match your hair colour!

So whether you’re ready for the chop or not, here are some of our favourite fringes to give you some inspiration!

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